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Netanyahu's US visit: Israel's "Cold Civil War" spreads to the streets of New York

Netanyahu's US visit:
Israel's "Cold Civil War" spreads to the streets of New York

Shana Tova friends!

The Israeli Anti-Occupation Bloc in NYC is organizing a rally outside Netanyahu’s hotel. Next week, Bibi will arrive in NYC for the UN General Assembly, hoping to get the support he's used to from world leaders and the Biden Administration.

This cannot be a pleasant visit for Bibi. He and his extremist government are allowing and promoting settler violence, expanding the occupation daily, and continuing the settler-led judicial overhaul.

Join us in demanding:
👉 Stop settler violence
👉 End the occupation
👉 Democracy for all, from the river to the sea

📢 Bring signs and come with energy!
📢 Spread the word and invite your peers!
📢 Join us!
*Tuesday, 09/19, 5 pm*
Loews Regency Hotel, 540 Park Ave, NY NY


A moment before the defendant (i.e. Netanyhau) took flight he called us all terrorists and compared us to Iran. A dangerous and unhinged threat to our safety.
He and his ministers received an intense escort from amazing Israeli protesters when they arrived at Ben Gurion Airport.
In the meantime, here in the US we are getting much love and gratitude from Israel - and in response we promise not to let them down.
We are entering a week in which the front lines of our battle over Israeli democracy is moving here.
Clear your calendar. Come every day. Yes, you read that right - ever day.
As much as you can.
*All eyes are on us 👀>>>* https://shorturl.at/bcZ13

Sign up to the Kaplan Force event tomorrow (Monday) night “Salon”*: https://go.kaplanforce.com/KaplanInTheCity
*Sign up to the Brothers and Sisters in Arms event tomorrow (Monday) night*: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/718085792937?aff=oddtdtcreator

*We will send the updated schedule soon.*

*Protest song book!!!* - https://shorturl.at/epDW5
*Donate:* https://shorturl.at/elxRZ
*Newsletter:* https://shorturl.at/bdoAK
*Protests in small group throughout the week in-front of the hotel:* http://bit.ly/3ZfZ8e3
*Facebook event:* https://shorturl.at/cksG7

Times of Israel
Outcry after Netanyahu says anti-overhaul protesters joining forces with Iran, PLO
Opposition leaders say premier causing ‘tremendous damage’ and destroying Israel’s image on international stage
Protesters against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government's judicial overhaul and in support of the Supreme Court in Jerusalem, Sept. 11, 2023. (AP Photo/Ohad Zwigenberg)
Protesters against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government's judicial overhaul and in support of the Supreme Court in Jerusalem, Sept. 11, 2023. (AP Photo/Ohad Zwigenberg)

There was growing outcry on Monday after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused protesters against the judicial overhaul of “joining forces with the PLO and Iran” in their activities, which he framed as being against Israel rather than the actions of his hardline government.

Netanyahu made the contentious comments as he departed for his long-awaited trip to the United States. Protesters against the coalition’s attempts to curb the judiciary’s oversight powers have vowed to hound Netanyahu on his travels and during his scheduled meetings.

In a later statement, the Prime Minister’s Office claimed that Netanyahu was referring to the fact that the anti-overhaul protesters would be demonstrating at the same time as pro-PLO and -BDS activists.

The statement made no reference to the fact that Netanyahu had also linked the protesters to Iran.

The clarification came after Opposition Leader Yair Lapid slammed Netanyahu’s comments, saying it was the actions of the government that were aiding the country’s enemies.



Netanyahu Prior to U.S. Visit: Israeli Protesters Joining Forces With Iran, PLO

Jewish organizations spoke out against Netanyahu's comparison of the anti-judicial overhaul protesters to Iran and the PLO as 'a common authoritarian tool, to distract and deflect from legitimate concerns of peaceful protesters'

Sep 18, 2023

Prior to his departure on Monday to the United States, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Israel's judicial overhaul protesters of aligning themselves "with the PLO [Palestine Liberation Organization], Iran and others."

Netanyahu also referenced news of the planned demonstrations against him in the United States, saying that they are "unraveling all boundaries" and that the protesters had normalized blocking roads.

He continued: "When protesters are slandering Israel before the nations, it also seems normal to them. It doesn't seem normal to me. As an opposition leader, I never did that." Netanyahu also said that the protests are funded and coordinated by an organizer with a large amount of money.

The Israeli ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan expressed disappointment that "Israeli citizens who can protest freely anywhere in the State of Israel where things happen" choose to protest in front of the UN "during a week when we want to maximize Israeli diplomacy."

Regarding the Israeli premier's trip to the United States, he said he expects to meet with U.S. President Joe Biden and discuss issues related to Iran and "expanding the circle of peace." The prime minister added that "the world sees that Iran is violating all its commitments, that it is blatantly lying, that it intends to develop nuclear weapons and also to continue its aggression in the region. We will fight these two things together."

Netanyahu added that “I heard the threats coming from one of the members of the Iranian regime today – I suggest that he not threaten us. He needs to know and this regime needs to know that we will respond strongly to any attack on our people and our citizens.”

Opposition leader Benny Gantz condemned Netanyahu's statement, saying that the demonstrators are "Patriots who love the country. The enormous damage Netanyahu is causing to Israeli society will not be solved even by a thousand fiery speeches at the UN."

The Kaplan Force protest organization said in response to the Israeli prime minister's words: "Netanyahu connects Israel to Poland, Hungary, Turkey and Iran – dark dictatorial regimes."

Israeli protesters demonstrate against the judicial overhaul.Credit: Tomer Appelbaum

It added that "Netanyahu has destroyed Israel's image in the world," and said the only thing still preserving the country's international standing is the protest movement and demonstrators who are striving to uphold democratic values.

A number of prominent Jewish organizations later spoke out against Netanyahu's comparison of the anti-judicial overhaul protesters to Iran and the PLO.

"This is a common authoritarian tool, to distract and deflect from legitimate concerns of peaceful protesters and paint them as enemies of the state. And it’s all the more dangerous when Bibi himself is meeting with Musk, who has done more to normalize antisemitism than almost anyone," said Jewish Council for Public Affairs CEO Amy Spitalnick.

"As Rosh Hashanah ends, it’s heartbreaking to watch Netanyahu smear peaceful protesters and decline to meet with local Jewish leadership, while embracing Musk. This is our fight too as American Jews. I hope we’ll all join the Israelis fighting for democracy and make that clear," she added.

National Council of Jewish Women CEO Sheila Katz stressed that "protesting is a peaceful and essential way to express dissent, advocate for change, and hold leaders accountable. It is a fundamental part of democracy and should be respected and encouraged."

On Sunday night, hundreds of protesters had gathered at Ben-Gurion Airport for a rally ahead of Netanyahu's departure to the United States. Police placed barricades at the airport, and said that no demonstration would be permitted inside the terminal while calling on protesters to not block traffic. Demonstrators were heard shouting "Bibi is not welcome in the White House" and "Go, don't come back."
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Anti-judicial overhaul protests are also expected to be held over the coming days in New York, where Netanyahu will meet U.S. President Joe Biden on Wednesday. Protesters also plan to hold rallies outside the United Nations offices and in front of the hotel where Netanyahu will be staying.

In addition to his meeting with Biden, Netanyahu is also expected to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for the first time since the start of the war in Ukraine last year. In addition, the Israeli premier will also meet with Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, and South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol.

Prior to his visit to New York, Netanyahu will arrive on the West Coast of the United States, where he is expected to meet businessman Elon Musk, who owns X (formerly Twitter).

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